Wieslaw Jaroslawski - is a graduate of the legendary Master and Teacher Choa Kok Sui. After attaining successive levels of training in pranic healing and after years of documented healings, he was honored with the titles of: "Associated Pranic Healer" (2005), signed in person by Master Choa Kok Sui, and successively "Senior Certified Pranic Energy Practitioner" (2011). He is the only Polish person holding such distinctions.

Certified Pranic Energy Practitioner

It all started in the 1980s in Poland in the region of Pulawy. At that time, I had worked in the energy sector and I had a passion for playing soccer. This sport caused overloading and damage to my knees and my employer sent me to a rehabilitation center. The sessions were conducted by a doctor of psychology and involved mutual relaxation impact between partners. After these trials, the specialist took me aside and explained that in her opinion I have an unusual GIFT and should help others in regaining strength and health. Could I have then imagined that fate is writing for me such a fascinating script, in which I will be proving myself as a prominent bioenergotherapist?


...which Wieslaw Jaroslawski has mastered, is called pranic healing in Eastern countries. "Prana" means the energy responsible for life and health of human beings. The Greeks describe it with the word “Pneuma”


...were known to the oldest civilizations of the world. This is evident from Egyptian papyrus writings and from paintings on Greek vases. In the temple of Esculap, the priest placed hands on a person and said:


..healing by touching with the fingers was a grace, a right, and at the same time a heavy duty of the kings. Monarchs often did mass healings often of several thousand people a day. The French kings were more diligent 


...Franz-Anton Mesmer, doctor of medicine at the University of Vienna, came forth with an original theory on the all-penetrating life magnetism. Forced to flee Austria, since 1778 he began to propagate his 

Below are a selection of letters that have deeply touched Wieslaw

These letters show the frustration that many peoples had previously experienced as different treatments had no effect on their health, and the hope which entered their hearts after beginning the beneficial energy sessions with Weislaw.

Each letter will be preceded by a short description of the ailment with which those suffering came to Wieslaw - so that those reading can select the passages that interest them the most.


On this website, there are dozens of testimonials from past clients that describe their various aliments and the ways in which I have aided in their healing. Some try to justify scientifically the phenomenon of my treatments. In the chapter titled A LITTLE HISTORY there also is a review of scientific studies on the topic of relations between energy and matter, conducted throughout the centuries. It is evident from these studies that I am moving in a sphere already well tested.

Trauma after traffic accident

broken jaw, broken collarbone, gravely bruised head and torso, concussionn, cracked hipbone, scontinuous headache, torturous dizziness, ghastly fear, anxiety and constant tearfulness, disturbed blood circulation in legs, swollen face and red scars, paralyzing pain.

Child plagued by asthma

Child plagued by asthma, heavy breathing, and constant problems with lungs, repeated cases of "croupous laryngitis" allergic to practically everything. At hospital "Emergency" rooms he was usually given hormones, via inhalation through a mask, and this gave short periods of relief.

High blood pressure lasting over 10 years

...I mainly came to see Mr. Wieslaw due to high blood pressure. I can say that this was a problem of many years, probably at least 12. The pressure was always around 180/95. Initially I would receive from doctors tablets for lowering it, but after taking them I started to feel very ill. I began to have dizziness, 

Cancer of lymphatic vessels.

This story started just at the beginning of 2007. I had then received a phone call from my daughter who lives in Canada in which she asked me to come immediately because her husband is dying. At that time the word CANCER was used and the fear that people feel just by hearing that word also 

Cyst in the throat, cyst on a kidney

I am 70 years old and all this ailing of mine started in 2004 - it was then that in my throat a cyst grew; to be exact on the right side. This place was very painful when touched. Another such very painful spot was located over my stomach. Actually I couldn't even bend - each time I bend over I would 


Massive sciatic nerve pain...

A testimonial video of a client who had suffered from severe back injury.

I've been looking very forward to writing this testimonial. I recall clearly, the day I was led to Wieslaw's website and I spent the day reading over the amazing testimonials from people he healed. I was very excited to learn that he had a history of healing very serious and chronic issues for many people. My case was serious, and it would take a significant ''miracle'' for my recovery to occur. I came to Wieslaw in early October 2012. I was barely able to walk, sit or even stand. I was suffering from massive sciatic nerve pain from 5 herniated/bulging discs in my lower back. 

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