Practicing as a bioenergotherapistenergy
My name is Wieslaw Jaroslawski. I am a follower and graduate of the legendary Master and Teacher Choa Kok Sui. I have been practicing as a bioenergotherapist for many years now in the province of Ontario in Canada. It is not easy to write about oneself when the energy techniques that I use escape logical evaluation and generally disseminated knowledge


It all started in the 1980s in Poland in the region of Pulawy. At that time, I had worked in the energy sector and I had a passion for playing soccer. This sport caused overloading and damage to my knees and my employer sent me to a rehabilitation center. The sessions were conducted by a doctor of psychology and involved mutual relaxation impact between partners. After these trials, the specialist took me aside and explained that in her opinion I have an unusual GIFT and should help others in regaining strength and health. Could I have then imagined that fate is writing for me such a fascinating script, in which I will be proving myself as a prominent bioenergotherapist?


I believe I can call this fate because a series of events in my life consequently led to this success. The beginning of this journey was difficult and filled with hard work and study. I tried to use my GIFT intuitively in contacts with the ailing. Along the way, I sought to improve my healing capacities, and was introduced to engineer Janusz Wilczewski. Wilczewski, who practiced in Kielce the Center of Study of Radiesthesy and Bioenergotherapy, was the only one in the country who performed extensive psychological and physical tests to describe the degree of talent and capacity for action in the sphere of energotherapy and radiesthesy (dowsing, divining). These tests confirmed that I do possess a very strong inborn energy and can use this energy biofield to help those who suffer.

These results mobilized me greatly, and added faith and desire within me for further development of my healing talents. I came to know many wonderful people and expanded my knowledge, but the breakthrough for my development was meeting The Great Master and Teacher Choa Kok Sui.


In 1997, the legendary Chinese man Choa Kok Sui came to Warsaw. Choa Kok Sui was a charismatic Teacher and Master of Masters in acquiring healing energy, and was the creator of the famous Institute for Inner Studies located in the Philippines. During his time in Warsaw, he held several training sessions in the capital of Poland, which attracted followers from all of Europe. It was then, having already strong faith in my calling, that I reported to the Master and received his acceptance - he took me as his follower, gave me knowledge and taught me the principles of being in contact with those who suffer.

Under his direction I attained successive levels of training, such as: "Healing with Energy", "Advanced Techniques of Energy Healing", "Healing with Help of Crystals", "Energy Psychotherapy" and "Archatic Yoga" (developed by Choa Kok Sui and serving for deep formatting of one's own body and its guard). In this technique, after the preparation part, I attained the 1 and 2 level - in all, there are six of these levels. It is still a long road for many years, determined by constant learning and practice.

After years of working as a bioenergotherapist and gathering of numerous documented cases of healed persons, which were sent to Master Choa Kok Sui, my achievements were confirmed by him through giving me the title "Associated Pranic Healer" (2005) - this certificate the Master signed in person. Later, I received the distinction of "Senior Certified Pranic Energy Practitioner" (2011) - assigned by "Institute for Inner Sciences". The main office of this Institute is in Vienna, and its Director is the wife of Choa Kok Sui, Charlotte Anderson.

I am one of a few people in the world, and certainly the first Polish person who has such certificates.
Due to the acquired knowledge and practical capabilities, I have also gained entitlement to teach principles and techniques of pranic healing.


My energy examination of the state of a suffering person's body begins with identifying the locations of energy blockages. I feel without touching these places where energy does not flow-through. At the beginning of a session, I initiate energy cleansing. Healthy energy flowing from my hands causes eradication of these blockades - I can do this only after exact "energy scanning" of the entire body and discovery of blocked organs. This comes easily to me.

Due to my GIFT, I have the capability of early indication of places at risk of ailments and of undertaking healing action. After eradicating energy blockades, I can begin energizing with energies selected properly according to ailments.

I clearly see differences in radiation - the ill places, with blocked flow, radiate significantly more strongly. The aura should be proportionate to the body. If I find that this has occurred then I stabilize the forwarded energy. This state of stabilized energy causes a quick return to health.

In keeping with ages old techniques of great healers of the Far East, Master Choa Kok Sui taught me how to adjust respective energies that give the best and quickest effect with particular ailments. I can also send healing energies at a distance, the distance separating me from the suffering person is of no significance.


On this website, there are dozens of testimonials from past clients that describe their various aliments and the ways in which I have aided in their healing. Some try to justify scientifically the phenomenon of my treatments. In the chapter titled A LITTLE HISTORY there also is a review of scientific studies on the topic of relations between energy and matter, conducted throughout the centuries. It is evident from these studies that I am moving in a sphere already well tested.

I do not search for explanation of my talents. I know and feel deeply that these talents are a GIFT that I received from the Creator, and at the same time a mission to be fulfilled; to help people, give them respite in suffering and ensure joy and health.


On this website, there are dozens of testimonials from past clients that describe their various aliments and the ways in which I have aided in their healing. Some try to justify scientifically the phenomenon of my treaI came to Canada in January of 2002. My everyday experience has been and continues to be hard work. I took advantage of my acquired capabilities and continue to develop therapeutic intuition in order to serve the ill and suffering even better.

I continue to maintain contact with my teachers. Every year, I come to Poland in the spring where workshops are organized and practical sessions are conducted by the wife of Choa Kok Sui, Charlotte Anderson. These sessions teach very advanced techniques which serve the formatting of one's own body and help participants to achieve ever higher levels of initiation into operating with healing energies. That is the path set out by Master Choa Kok Sui - constant improvement of one's capabilities, learning and simultaneous humility regarding the possessed GIFT.

Over a dozen years of my work as a bioenergotherapist, repeated confirmation of my therapeutic capabilities, gathering of documentation from persons saved from various ailments and also their gratitude poured out on paper made it possible for me to continue learning in Canada.

In Canada, I have also gained the required titles to continue my career as a bioenergotherapist, which has been confirmed by the following certificates:
- "Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners" - as "Registered Natural Health Practitioner" (2009)
- "Canadian Consilium of Natural Health" - as "Registered Natural Health Specialist Pranic Healing" (2012).