legendary Master and Teacher Choa Kok Suilegendary Master and Teacher Choa Kok Sui
Wieslaw Jaroslawski - is a graduate of the legendary Master and Teacher Choa Kok Sui. After attaining successive levels of training in pranic healing and after years of documented healings, he was honored with the titles of: "Associated Pranic Healer" (2005), signed in person by Master Choa Kok Sui, and successively "Senior Certified Pranic Energy Practitioner" (2011). He is the only Polish person holding such distinctions.


In recent years, both professionals and clients have described Weislaw as a phenomenon with a huge capacity for healing-energy treatment.

Wieslaw utilizes techniques applied by healers from the Far East, that allow recognition of different types of energy, ways to divide them and pass on.

Studies conducted on his sessions have confirmed that he has an exceptional GIFT of taking energy from nature in frequencies corresponding to the full light spectrum. In this way he can enrich his inborn therapeutic power, make an energetic selection in accordance with the identified ailment and direct precisely its beam. This causes sensational healing effects, even in long term and chronic ailments.

The basis of his therapy begins with the proper energy analysis of the health condition of the ailing person (a kind of "energy scan") and determination of causes of all the ailments of that person. He does not need to ask; he can easily identify the locations of energy blockades in the body, which indicate a health problem. Thus, he can initiate healing action in initial stages of the ailment. His evaluations of health conditions are confirmed by tests done with modern medical apparatus.