Ailments: Hanna: much enlarged spleen (23 cm), a huge kidney stone (6.5 cm) and many small ones, diagnosed with: Mantell Cell Lymphoma Non Hodgkins; glaucoma for ten years; a large cyst under the knee.
Joel: High blood pressure and very frequent nose bleeding.

I always felt great. Health problems pertained rather to my husband. I had just gone with him to Detroit (it was in 2008) where he had an MRI done. On this occasion Joel insisted that I should also have a control test done; so just for his peace of mind I agreed.

Just imagine my surprise when we received the results and these showed that Joel was completely healthy but I had a much enlarged spleen - it was 23 cm in length where a healthy one should not exceed 12 cm. Additionally, a stone was found in my left kidney and it was huge because it measured 6.5 cm and was surrounded by many small ones.

My house doctor sent me to a Urologist, who ordered a layered X-ray in order to see how all these stones could be extracted from my kidney. Right after the X-ray I saw a surgeon.

This specialist said that he cannot conduct the stone removal operation because with such an enlarged spleen he could damage it during the surgery.

I was back at the Urologist's who decided to send me to a different specialist, this time one on spleens. This lady, after many blood tests, came to the conclusion that the spleen, which is a kind of filter and container for "dirty blood", is seriously damaged. It looked as if I were an alcoholic while my yearly consumption of alcohol was limited to one glass at holidays or a birthday in the family.

My further path took me to a blood specialist - a Hematologist. Only later it turned out that it was also an Oncologist. All my numerous blood test results came with me - but at the new place new ones were started, more specialized tests of my blood. This doctor wanted to immediately do a bone marrow test, through an unpleasant puncture to which I did not agree. At that time I was taking care of my handicapped Mother, who had had a heart attack and was totally incapacitated - she did not see or hear and was connected to vein drips and required constant care.

In this difficult situation I agreed only to several more checks of my blood, at this very specialized level. After receiving their results, the Oncologist informed me that according to him I am suffering from "Mantell Cell Lymphoma Non Hodgkins". This meant that my life was seriously endangered and even limited to about 20 months.

The doctor gave me a deadline of 3 weeks to unconditionally submit to a bone marrow test which was to finally seal the diagnosis. When I appeared after this time at his office with my husband holding my hand the doctor was surprised that I am not sitting in a wheel chair.

I somehow survived this unpleasant and painful procedure of taking a sample of the bone marrow from the area of the lumbar vertebrae. And ironically, right next to the room where the hole was being drilled in my back there was some remodeling work being done and the noise of cement drills merged with the "drilling" of the hole to access my bone marrow.

I finally received, after 2 weeks, the result of this test which unfortunately confirmed the initial cancer diagnosis. Then came the specialist's decision to immediately start chemo and radiotherapy - but I categorically refused this.

I told the Oncologist - give me a year's time and I will prove to you that I will take care of this problem. I even signed for him a decision to interrupt the medical treatment for a year. I also informed him that I want to try alternative therapy methods. I can say that the doctor looked at me as if I was deranged - because on top of it I refused to accept any of the proposed drugs. In the end he mellowed a bit when he heard that I want to take advantage of bioenergotherapy - because being of Japanese origin he was acquainted with methods of energy healing of the ailing that have existed for centuries in the Far East culture.

This entire described period started with that feral oncology diagnosis in 2008, even though I had come to Wieslaw Jaroslawski a little earlier, because then we had started energy therapy concentrated mainly on my stone-filled kidney and enlarged spleen.

This large stone (Stag Horn) inside my left kidney was a problem that surgeons prefer to circumvent at a great distance in fear of attempting surgery because it is then easy to damage the kidney and urinary tract. Added to this were the grossly enlarged spleen and the depressing oncology diagnosis. All this fell upon me in the spring of 2008 and that was the moment when my aunt brought me almost by force to mister Wieslaw.

And there was I, an unbeliever and skeptic pulled as a "lamb for slaughter" without informing the therapist of anything, listening to precise information on my health. This preface began to crumble my resistance. I had visited him just a few times when the confirmation of the cancer of the blood and lymph nodes, the damned "Mantell Cell Limphoma Non Hodgkins", came in. Generally, it turned out that my unfortunate spleen was so huge because it was burdened with the filtering of my ill blood.

This means that Wieslaw had a whole range of problems to overcome and these came from the severe (and hopeless, according to the doctors, ailment) and the hysteria of the patient on who these fell like lightning from the clear blue sky. He was the only person who extended his hand and said: "Please take it easy - we will take care of this".

At first I came twice a week for the visits and at the same time I took part in all those sophisticated tests - these included blood tests and ultra sound of the spleen, cat scan of the entire body. Let me recall that the Oncologist had sentenced me - giving me only up to 20 months of life.

When I safely passed that date, I visited Wieslaw privately (I had come to know him better) at his home to raise before him a toast with champagne for the victory and my new life. The oncologist, when he accepted the bioenergy treatment, had place one condition - that I will be coming back to him for blood tests. At first it was once a month, later every two months. In the meantime I was served repeated tests: ultra sound and numerous other picturing tests.

With time, my blood tests were done every three months. The results were getting better. Finally, after the last tests the doctor said that I do not need his care anymore. Just out of sheer curiosity he invited me for a final test after one year.

On top of that he said that the energotherapy should be continued because he was fully convinced as to its benefit by all the test results and the constant and quick improvement of my health. In September of 2012 I also received from him confirmation that I am one hundred percent healthy.

My spleen now is at 8.2 cm. - this means perfect. The poor thing doesn't have to filter the sick and "polluted" blood, because all its parameters returned to normal.

Now, as of for desert, Wieslaw has to deal with the problem with my eyes. I had not paid attention to them but it turned out that for ten years I have had glaucoma. My eyesight had significantly worsened lately and I am faced with losing my driver's license.

So I have come back, but now without hysteria, under Wieslaw's wings. After two weeks I noticed clear improvement, especially when I drive at dusk. My sight is becoming sharp again.

And a fantastic, resulting from the biotherapy sessions, bonus was the softening of facial wrinkles. My somewhat jealous girlfriends told me of this. I do not need to comment what huge significance this effect has for a woman.

Oh, and one more ailment escaped me. Over a year ago I began to have severe pains in the left knee and this was both, during walking and standing. An x-ray showed a large cyst under the knee and the specialist proposed to do surgery and cut it out as soon as possible. Since I am very cautious with such recommendations, I obviously chose biotherapy.

I informed Wieslaw of this new problem - he only smiled and that There is nothing to worry about and he earnestly took care of my knee. After several sessions the pain went away, my leg could bend fully and walking was comfortable again. As far as I can feel, everything returned to normal - which was confirmed with x-ray, which did not show a trace of the cyst. A year has already passed from this ailment and my leg continues to be in good shape.

So I could march on my own to the Toronto "Radio Active", to take part in a program presenting mister Wieslaw and tell about all my sufferings and how very helpful he was in getting rid of them - hoping that this will help all others in need to find the path to his offices.

Forever grateful;
Hanna R. (68 years of age)
(Mississauga, 09.02.2013)

I want to add that my husband Joel, an American by birth, was a staunch disbeliever who did not accept energy therapy methods. However, he has slowly given way to my pressure, and even more, he has witnessed improvement of the state of my health and finally he himself also became Wieslaw's client.

Joel's problem was high blood pressure and because of this he was plagued with frequent bleeding from the nose. This also meant that he was seriously at risk of cerebral hemorrhaging. To my great delight, he smartened up rather quickly and gave himself up to Wieslaw's care - which resulted in complete removal of this ailment; for months now there is no trace it.

And it had gotten the best of him, often at the least expected moments. We had liked to get out for supper at nice restaurants. Joel would lean over the table and suddenly blood would spurt right into the plate. It was half bad when we happened to be in an Italian restaurant and the base dish was with tomatoes. Inadvertently, however, at such moments, Joel would grab the napkin and run outside and I stayed to pay the bill. Now, there are only memories of Joel's ailment and even though he invites me a bit less often to restaurant suppers, still I am very happy.