Ailments: Wilms tumor (nephroblastoma) on the right kidney, with dissIination to the left kidney and lungs. Stage of illness - level 4/5 (level 5 is the last).

Our five-year old daughter became ill in mid 2012. The diagnosis was: Wilms tumor with distant dissIination to left kidney and lungs. ChIotherapy was applied immediately and later irradiation of the lungs was added.

A side effect of the intensive chIotherapy was damage to the bone marrow. Zosia also had a collapse twice. These were caused by poisoning of the body due to perforation of the intestines; that happened during chIotherapy prior to surgery. Our daughter had then two blood transfusions and her state of health was tragic.


 In January of 2013, the tumor was rIoved along with the entire right kidney – it was huge and weighed about two kilograms. Zosia’s state of health continued to be less then desirable and we both were completely heartbroken. After this surgery, the fight continued to save her other kidney – in the perspective there was another operation to rIove the tumor still existent on it, or the entire kidney.

In March of 2013, an acquaintance of my husband told us that a biotherapist from Canada,


Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski, is coming to Poland. When we went to see him for the first energy session, Zosia was already very weak. Mr Wieslaw said that her body has energy blocks, which paralyze energy flow.

Our daughter felt weak during the first therapy and after it ended; at home she fell asleep right away. Two days later she regained self-assurance and felt well. Each successive session gave progress and our child clearly was returning to active life – joy, strength, laughter, eagerness to ride a bike. This gave us hope that everything will be okay.

After three visits with Mr Wieslaw, we had a check-up at the Out-patient Clinic of the hospital. Blood, urine – standard tests with this illness; results were very good. This appeared like a light at the end of the tunnel. Zosia met with the bioenergy therapist seven times – that is, seven times in person.


Mr Wieslaw was then returning to Canada but he promised that from there he will continue therapy with our child; this time from afar – and my husband and I are to observe her carefully and have under control medically.

That is how it happened. Mr Wieslaw regularly, every week, sent energy that healed Zosia and contacted me or my husband by phone. When we spoke and related to him progress evident in our daughter, he strengthened us in this conviction and firmly stated that improvIent is continuous and this is how we persevered to the next medical tests.

Three months passed (in the meantime Zosia had more irradiation for the lungs). We were a bit wary before these tests, but there they were: Lungs clear, no cancerous changes. Tomography results good. All test results very satisfying. Only two blIishes were left after the largest changes. Traditional blood and urine tests, which are always done after chIotherapy was applied, also gave very positive results. The doctor’s reaction: I don’t know what you are doing but keep it up.


In August, the doctor in charge made an appointment for us to consult with a surgeon in Wroclaw. We went there with tomography results for the kidney where the tumor is still visible. That specialist leaned toward surgery to rIove the second kidney but said that still new tests are needed.

In October, an MRI of the abdominal cavity was done – the kidney w as completely clean. A week later during a check-up visit at the hospital, the doctor in charge asked another specialist from Warsaw for additional ultrasound tests. After these were done, the specialist said: I do not know what it is you expect of me but the child is healthy – she just does not have the right kidney. My husband, who was present during the test, said that the doctor in charge did not tell the one who performed the test about the history of Zosia’s illness – maybe so he would be free from suggestions.


Results of the MRI were sent to the surgeon-oncologist in Wroclaw. Now, that doctor revoked the need for surgical rIoval of the second kidney and only recommended frequent medical check-ups.

At the next regular visit at the Clinic we spent a lot of time. The doctor in charge reviewed Zosia’s medical history in detail and all the results of examinations and tests. He was clearly perturbed and gave the impression that he does not trust his own eyes and what he sees. During a conversation, he stated that for the first time in his professional career such a case happened where a child, to whom he had given the heaviest of all possible chIotherapies for such an illness, has overcome the illness so quickly and has such great results on the tests.


Two days ago we returned from a successive check-up. Standard tests: blood morphology and biochIical tests and also urine analysis are very good. The left kidney is fulfilling its function completely and copes with cleaning up of the organism. X-ray of the chest: Lungs without infiltrates. USG of the abdominal cavity: Internal organs with proper built and echo-structure.

THE TUMOR RECEDED and we trust that this state will not change. Zosia is quickly gathering strength and is ready to fully enter into the joyous, healthy life of a child her age. This is a huge gift for us, for which no words of thanks will be sufficient. We do believe in this power with which you have been gifted and have so generously shared with our only child and this has in a miraculous way changed our life – for this we will always be grateful to you.


We are expressing earnest respect for your mission,

Malgorzata and Jacek .
(Parents of five-year old Zosia)
Deblin, 05.04.2014.